• Chef safety crossing sign in front of the CIA's Greystone campus in St. Helena, 加州.
  • 美高梅mgm的加州 Safety and Security

    At 美高梅mgm的加州’s Greystone campus, we are committed to your personal safety. Our safety officers maintain a 24-hour presence on campus. Many campus buildings and facilities are accessible to all during the CIA’s normal business hours, and the exterior doors of most residence halls are controlled by an electronic card access system and remain locked at all times. All exterior doors on campus are periodically inspected by the Facilities Department to ensure that their locking mechanisms are working properly. Safety officers on patrol will also report any deficiencies with locks.

    查看我们的 Campus Safety Report (PDF) for additional details on how the CIA ensures your safety.

    In emergencies, please call 911 first, then call CIA campus security at Campus Safety at 707-548-2478 或ext. 2313 from a campus phone.

  • 美高梅mgm

    St. 海伦娜,加州94574
    电话: 707-967-2486