CIA Culinary Science Bachelor’s Degree

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    Your mind works differently than most. 你不仅满足于把食物做得好吃——你还想知道 why it tastes that way. Well, the 美国美高梅mgm烹饪科学专业学士学位 degree program is perfect for you. Discover how food impacts the senses, learn how to develop new food products, 用科学的方法来回答你对厨房里发生的事情的疑问. You’ll be able to pick the brains of our industry-savvy faculty during in-depth hands-on learning 在我们的厨房,实验室和餐馆,你肯定会 won’t get in a food science program.


    • Develop an understanding of the science behind foods and beverages 这将使你能够创造出创造性的烹饪体验, delicious, safe, and consistent.
    • Cultivate a deeper knowledge of the functionality and impact of ingredients 通过感官评价技术的应用.
    • Gain real-world experience through a paid internship semester CIA的2000多个食品行业合作伙伴之一. (Already have experience? Check out our Turbo Option.)
    • Study precision temperature cooking, culinary chemistry, 热传递动力学和食物的物理性质, and the microbial ecology of food systems.
    • 了解烹饪科学如何提高食品质量 research and development 厨房,精致的餐饮场所,制造商等.
    • Connect with 140+ companies hiring 包括都乐消费品、EFCO、麦考密克、雀巢和Sabra.

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    The Science of Success

    食品行业对创新专业人士的需求不断增长,这些专业人士可以跳出固有思维模式. 你的烹饪科学学士学位将为以下领域打开大门:

    • Culinary education
    • Food compliance and safety
    • Production management
    • Quality assurance
    • Food manufacturing
    • Research and development

    With so many possibilities, our Career Services 工作人员随时准备帮助您的每一步. There’s no network like the CIA network, 其中包括一些世界上最著名的烹饪, beverage, and hospitality experts.

    The list of celebrated CIA alumni is as diverse as it is extensive. They’ve found success doing what they love. Now it’s your turn.




    • 51 credits in culinary arts requirements
    • 39 credits in liberal arts requirements
    • 企业管理要求6学分
    • 烹饪科学要求33个学分


    • 52.烘焙和糕点艺术要求5个学分
    • 37.5 credits in liberal arts requirements
    • 企业管理要求6学分
    • 烹饪科学要求33个学分

    You will take fascinating, 烹饪科学各个领域的深入课程, 从配料功能到烹饪R&D to flavor science and beyond. 将它们与社会科学的文科课程结合起来, math, history and cultures, 更深入和全面的教育,今天的烹饪科学专业需要.


    See catalog for curriculum details

    Requirements for Admission

    • A high school diploma or GED credential.
    • 这个项目是在美高梅mgm提供的面对面的全日制学习 New York campus. 在其他校区完成副学士学位课程的学生可以转学获得学士学位.

    How to Apply

    Culinary Science Costs

    美高梅mgm非常致力于使你的美高梅mgm教育尽可能负担得起. 我们的费用与同类大学相当,还有更好的消息——超过90%的学生获得某种形式的经济援助.

    不要让申请经济援助阻碍你进入世界一流的烹饪学院. 不管你的个人情况如何, 我们将与你们共同努力,使参加美高梅mgm的学习成为你们未来在食品世界中负担得起的投资.

  • Regular Guest Speakers—Culinary Science

    我们很高兴地邀请到来自食品界各个领域的杰出嘉宾. 通过来校园分享他们的知识, 这些行业领袖极大地丰富了我们烹饪科学学生的学习经验.

    Upcoming Guest Speakers Include:

    Sarah Stribling, speaker on food science.

    Sarah Stribling
    Unilever Food Solutions


    Matt Tom
    Independent Technical Consultant

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  • 什么是烹饪科学?它与食品科学的区别是什么?

    Find out now
  • 贡法隆烹饪科学与营养学院

    School of Culinary Science and Nutrition

    烹饪科学与营养的跨学科学习——将食品科学提升到一个全新的水平——是烹饪科学与营养学院的核心. With extensive culinary, nutrition, and food science backgrounds, 我们的教师采取独特的方法来探索创新的新方法来准备美食. 学生们沉浸在设备齐全的实验室里,使用离心机等高科技工具, rotary evaporators, vacuum desiccators, 以及孵化器来帮助验证他们的假设. 烹饪科学和营养学领域的顶尖领袖经常来学校对项目提供反馈. Learn more about our faculty >
  • Cool Courses You’ll Take…

    Cool Courses in Culinary Science

    美高梅mgm烹饪科学学位课程的食品实验室里“科学起来”, with courses that may surprise you.

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  • CIA烹饪科学学士校友埃文·博勒斯(Evan Bollers)是R&D Chef at Custom Foods of America.

    Alumni Spotlight

    Evan Bollers ’14
    “我们和老师之间产生了一种兄弟般的爱, 尤其是在烹饪科学系, that I’ll never forget. 它激励我更加努力地工作,去做那些我认为自己做不到的事情.”
    J.J. 吕,美国美高梅mgm烹饪科学讲师

    Faculty Spotlight

    J.J. Lui
    Learn more about J.J. Lui, faculty member at the CIA.
  • Did You Know?

    我们的全球合作伙伴关系为学生提供了最高质量的学习机会, 优质食材,如松露和室内干熟牛肉.