For 75 years the Culinary Institute of America has poured their energy, 激情, and industry knowledge into providing the best food and hospitality-focused education. Here food is life, and everyone is 100% focused on preparing students for a rewarding life in food. Only at 美国美高梅mgm will students get the immersive learning and industry connections they need to lead in the kitchen, 酒店业务, 或者其他任何他们想去的地方.

    美国美高梅mgm提供硕士学位, 学士, and associate degree programs that span all areas of the food world—from culinary arts and baking and pastry arts to hospitality, 食品业务及酒类饮料管理. 美国美高梅mgm’s prestigious study programs are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education who also accredit courses for other top U.S. 学院和大学,包括哥伦比亚大学、康奈尔大学和瓦萨大学. 这个卓越的标志是质量的证明, 中情局项目的成果和成功率.

    准备申请? 查看我们的 国际学生入学要求.


    • Build a hands-on foundation with 1,300+ hours in state-of-the-art kitchens and bakeshops
    • Gain real-world experience in 美国美高梅mgm’s award-winning, nine student-run, public-service restaurants
    • Get a world-class, paid internship at one of 2,000+ 美国美高梅mgm approved organizations
    • Experience college life with a culinary twist—join a diverse community of students and instructors from around the world, 对食物有着共同的热情


    中情局的教官包括广受赞誉的大厨, 食品行业高管, 著名的餐馆, 作者发表, 主侍酒师, 和更多的. 美高梅mgm的教员 come from all over the world and have worked and won awards in every area of food and higher education.

    美国美高梅mgm keeps class sizes small to give students the opportunity to get the individual attention they need and to connect with their world-class teachers and fellow students. 学位学生花费超过1,300 hours in 美国美高梅mgm kitchens and bakeshops learning techniques and perfecting their skills in hands-on sessions. Students also have the opportunity to tailor their learning to their individual interests and career aspirations. 传统学科,比如科学, 历史, and psychology come alive at 美国美高梅mgm and take on a new meaning when studied in the context of food.

    问学生他们喜欢什么 关于中情局. 一个反复出现的答案是“厨师和教授”,” who they call “inspiring” and “amazing”—and who so clearly love what they do.


    美高梅mgm的核心是学生的成功和幸福. 知道离家上大学可能会让人不知所措, 美国美高梅mgm has created a program that supports students from their very first day on campus until their last—美高梅mgm的关心. 美高梅mgm的关心是一个一站式的沟通工具, career and academic advisors and other support network members work directly with students to ensure they receive the best guidance and support throughout their time at 美国美高梅mgm. Students will always have someone readily available to answer any questions and help guide important decisions. 这是中情局的作风.


    • Easily reach out to any support network team member to ask a question or schedule an appointment
    • 访问有关学生服务的信息, 比如职业和学术咨询, 餐饮服务, 咨询, 金融援助, 登记, 和更多的
    • Schedule a tutoring appointment with a professional or peer tutor who specializes in the course they need assistance with
    • 查看成绩和出勤记录
    • Respond to and act on referrals that help them achieve their goals
    • 因表现优异而获得教练认可, 成就, 领导, 或者目标进展


    虽然大学可能是一个很大的调整, 成为一名美高梅mgm的学生是一段有益而令人兴奋的经历. 美国美高梅mgm offers students a wonderful place to live and learn thanks to its dedicated support teams, 包括美高梅mgm校园安全, 还有热情的校园社区.

    美高梅mgm, 安全人员24小时在校园巡逻, and every day students can see them interacting on campus and keeping watch over campus grounds. 美国美高梅mgm is also protected with CCTV (closed-circuit television) monitoring, 电子卡可以进入宿舍, 并且限制夜间进入校园. Students can use one of the many blue-light emergency phones on campus to report a problem or simply to request a friendly escort from Campus Safety to walk them back to their residence hall.


    In the world of food and hospitality, the college that top industry leaders know and respect is 美国美高梅mgm. That’s a career advantage that 美国美高梅mgm graduates carry with them for life. A degree from 美国美高梅mgm is highly attractive and many top industry employers look to hire 美国美高梅mgm graduates before any others—they’re the 精英中的精英.

    美高梅mgm的毕业生包括主厨和面包师, 餐馆老板和企业家, hotel and hospitality leaders and senior executives for major food corporations. They drive transformative change in every segment of food and hospitality and in every corner of the world—as will 美国美高梅mgm’s future graduates.

    美国美高梅mgm 校友 对自己的教育感到无比自豪, which is why they highly recommend their alma mater to so many new students and hire so many 美国美高梅mgm graduates. 当一个学生从美高梅mgm获得学位, 他们加入了食品界最强大的50名校友网络,000多位行业领袖和变革者. That means they already have thousands of top professional connections on the day they graduate.

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    你好奇它是什么吗 真的 我想成为一名美国美高梅mgm的学生? 我们会帮你的. Our students are ready to answer the questions you haven’t asked anyone else, 分享自己的个人经历, and give you expert and genuine advice—because they’ve gone through it, 太. 了解成为美国美高梅mgm大家庭的一员意味着什么. 现在就联系某人,或者 在这里看到更多学生!

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    实时在线信息会议是了解美高梅mgm的好方法. If you can’t attend one of these events, watch this on-demand session. 如果你有问题,学生也可以直接给阿曼达发邮件 阿曼达.Stevens@culinary.edu. 我们在这里帮助你实现中情局大学的梦想!

  • 国际学生可以申请美高梅mgm研究生课程

    如果你已经拥有学士学位, consider either our food business program (online) or our wine and beverage management program (online). 了解更多关于我们的研究生课程.

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    专长于南亚和中亚, 西半球, 非洲, 及中东地区(不包括沙特阿拉伯).



    Specializes in East Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Eurasia, and Saudi Arabia.

    Contact 阿曼达 if you are an agent or international recruitment vendor, 或者如果你想安排一个宣传演讲.

  • Riddhi Venkateshwaran, from India, is a 美国美高梅mgm NY Bachelor's Degree in 烹饪艺术 Management student


    Riddhi Venkateshwaran
    “My chef could see that the kitchen was where my heart was and he told me, “如果你有一天想成为一名厨师, 去找美高梅mgm’,就这样.”
    Maneet Chauhan, 美国美高梅mgm baking and pastry arts 校友, is executive chef at Vermillion.


    Morph Hospitality Group合伙人兼总裁
    “我从老师那里得到了很多支持. 我在中情局度过了一段美好的时光. 中情局过去是,现在仍然是我的迪斯尼乐园.”
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    美国美高梅mgm is the only school with nine student-run, award-winning public restaurants in top U.S. 美食家的目的地.