CIA 食品行业 Management Bachelor’s Degree

  • Only diploma holders from a 新加坡an polytechnic institute are eligible for this program. All other students, please visit CIA’s bachelor’s degree program in food 业务 management at our 纽约 campus >

    Change the Way You Think About Food

    你不想去吗 understand food in a whole new way that perfectly complements your diploma studies? You can, when you broaden your mind at 美高梅mgm的新加坡. 在我们的 Bachelor of Business 政府 in 食品行业 Management, 您将学习 cooking and baking methods, gain leadership know-how, and grow your critical thinking skills.


    • Build a foundation of skills and knowledge in culinary arts or baking and pastry arts with 1,300+ hours of experiential learning in our kitchens and bakeshops.
    • Develop a deep understanding of 食品行业 with studies in finance, human resources, food marketing and promotion, and accounting.
    • 获得 现实世界的经验 通过一个 paid internship semester at one of CIA’s 2,000+ food industry partners. (Already have experience? 查看我们的 涡轮选项).
    • 探索世界 through study of the diverse languages, 历史, and culinary and baking traditions of regions around the globe.
    • 发现 how real public restaurants are operated—hands-on, in the front and back of the house of our on-campus CIA@Top Table and CIA@Sugarloaf.
    • 去美国旅行.S. 加州北部—including the famed Napa Valley—and gain valuable insight into menu development, food and beverage pairing, sustainable agriculture, 生产销售, and the impact of the region’s culture on its cuisine.

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    CIA Credential = Career Opportunity

    The combination of your polytechnic degree and CIA bachelor’s degree gives you the education and credentials that put you on the “A-List” of candidates for most 雇主s.

    CIA is famous for preparing top-notch professionals who are creative, 有远见的, and well-grounded in proven, essential knowledge and skills. That’s why our students become food 业务 leaders, 企业家, hotel and resort executives, 执行厨师, 行政糕点师, restaurant and bakery café owners, 美食作家, 研究厨师, 和更多的.

    Our 50,000+-strong network of alumni can testify to the exceptional value of CIA degree. They are an accomplished, supportive network throughout the industry, whatever your career goals.

    Check out some of their amazing success stories.


    Students taking the Bachelor of Business 政府 in 食品行业 Management program at the 美高梅mgm的新加坡 may choose one of two areas of focus: 烹饪艺术 or 烘焙及糕点艺术.

    The 129-credit BBA in 食品行业 Management, 烹饪艺术 focus includes:

    • 51 credits in culinary arts requirements
    • 36 credits in liberal arts requirements
    • 30 credits in 业务 management requirements
    • 3 credits in advanced concepts requirements
    • 9 credits in free electives

    The 129-credit BBA in 食品行业 Management, 烘焙及糕点艺术 focus includes:

    • 52.5 credits in baking and pastry arts requirements
    • 34.5 credits in liberal arts requirements
    • 30 credits in 业务 management requirements
    • 3 credits in advanced concepts requirements
    • 9 credits in free electives

    You will get a carefully designed mix of CIA’s renowned hands-on culinary or baking and pastry arts courses combined with in-depth, food-focused management, 业务, and liberal arts courses. The curriculum also features a semester-long internship experience.

    BBA students at 美高梅mgm的新加坡 also have the opportunity to study abroad through the Global Cuisines and Cultures: U.S. 加州北部 course.

    See catalog for curriculum details


    The college has a selective admissions process whereby each candidate is evaluated individually. The basic requirements are as follows:

    1. A diploma from a 新加坡an polytechnic
      Transfer credits have already been mapped out for students with a diploma in culinary and catering management, hospitality and tourism management, or leisure and resort management. If graduates of these programs satisfy the transfer credit policy of CIA, they will receive credit for the courses already completed during their polytechnic education.

      Any other students who apply must have their transfer credits mapped specific to their previous diploma program, and may be required to take additional courses. Non-relevant diplomas and other applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    2. Work experience at a non-fast-food establishment with a professional kitchen
      美高梅mgm的新加坡 requires that students gain relevant experience before enrolling by working in a foodservice operation, by completing culinary classes during high school or postsecondary school, or by completing college- or polytechnic-level culinary courses. Time requirements vary by type of experience. Foodservice and hospitality is a rewarding and challenging profession, and this experience requirement is designed to help students understand the realities of working in the foodservice industry and be confident in their career choice.


    The steps to apply for admission to the bachelor’s degree program in 新加坡 are as follows:

    1. Review the admissions procedure on the 新加坡 Institute of Technology’s website
      招生 will be open for three months, January–March. During this time, pro­spective students will apply and their applications will be reviewed. If the Admis­sions Committee approves a student’s application, he or she will be invited for a face-to-face interview. The purpose of the interview is to meet the student, 去了解他或她, and better understand his or her passion for the food and hospitality industry.
    2. Ask for recommendations
      Two recommendations are required. One must be from an industry 雇主 that describes the applicant’s foodservice experience. The second must be a recom­mendation from a professional contact (e.g., 雇主, 生意伙伴, 导师), in order to give the 招生 Committee a greater understanding of the student’s char­acter and abilities.

      To make it easier for a foodservice 雇主 or professional contact to write the letter of recommendation, applicants can download and print Letter of Recommendation Guidelines (PDF) and pass them along to the recommender.
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    "The CIA’s program was a perfect fit to complement my skill set as it allowed me to be trained in the kitchen by some of the best instructors in the world. My degree has opened so many doors."
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