• Courses That Will Change 你

    If there’s one thing 你 should know going into these and many other 课程s at CIA, it’s this: expect the unexpected. 你的课程会激发你的激情...挑战你... 甚至可能 惊喜 你. 的y’ll introduce 你 to a 你从未见过的食物世界, 让你用一种完全不同的方式去思考. Take a look at some of these cool, wow-factor 课程s as only CIA can deliver them. 无论你选择哪个项目,你总能有所发现 new and exciting 一路走来...

  • 烘焙及糕点艺术副学士

  • 烘焙 & 糕点艺术-高级烘焙原理课程


    你r challenge in Advanced 烘焙 Principles class? 改变传统的面包食谱, 松饼, 甜点, and other 烤d goods into new versions that accommodate special diets such as vegan, 无谷蛋白, 不添加糖, 不含乳制品,和原版一样美味!
    烘焙 & 糕点艺术-咖啡馆操作课程

    If 你 Bake It, 的y Will Come

    Put everything 你’ve learned about baking and pastry and back-of-the-house operations into practice in the college’s super-popular Apple Pie Bakery Café. In 咖啡馆的操作 class, 你’ll create delicious breads, pastries, and savory items for hungry, appreciative customers.
    烘焙 & 糕点艺术-糖果艺术和特殊场合蛋糕课程

    的 Art and Craft of Cakes

    Let 你r creativity run wild! In 糖果艺术和特殊场合蛋糕 class, 你会设计, 烤, and decorate three-tiered wedding cakes; learn to work with ganache, 胶贴, and pastillage; and pour, 打击, 拉糖(有点像吹玻璃),非常酷!).
  • Associate in culinary艺术

  • culinary艺术 - 非商业食品服务和大批量生产 课程

    Turn Up the Volume

    在这里,行动变得迅速而激烈! Prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner at 的 Egg for large numbers of hungry CIA students in 非商业食品服务和大批量生产. 你做的很多菜都注重可持续发展, plant-forward principles (how about waffles made with spent grains from 的 Brewery at the CIA?).
    culinary艺术 - Principles of Menus and Managing Profitability in Foodservice Operations 课程

    What’s on the Menu? That’s Up to 你!

    Design and create an actual menu that 你 would offer a guest in 你r hypothetical restaurant. 你要考虑人口统计等因素, 你r restaurant’s concept, the local economy, 成本控制, 和定价, 然后向全班展示你的菜单和分析结果. It all happens in Principles of Menus and Managing Profitability in Foodservice Operations.

    Fish Out of Water

    Freshwater and saltwater fish, 贝类, 甲壳类动物,你会学会如何选择, 商店, and prep them all in 海产品鉴定与加工. 甚至更好的? Knowing that 95% of the proteins 你’ll be working with meet Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guidelines for being sustainably sourced.
  • Bachelor’s in Applied Food Studies

  • 应用食品研究-食品生态学

    Get 你r Hands Dirty!

    Dig in at the teaching garden, wield a hammer tapping maple trees, 发现人与自然的关系. In 食品生态学 你’ll explore questions related to our food supply like how and where food is grown, 以及加工和运输这些食物的过程.

    A Blast from the Past

    History is so cool, especially when 你 see what an important part food played in it! In 食物的历史, 你’ll get the chance to curate an on-campus food-focused museum exhibit, 重现并重新诠释一本14世纪culinary书中的食谱, 并发现食物如何打开一扇了解社会的窗户, 文化, 这个世界.


    建立,维护,并从校园养蜂场收获蜂蜜. Create a seed library to preserve and propagate heirloom varieties of produce. 在当地一所小学建一个学生花园. 所有这些都是经验研究项目的发展 Project in Applied Food Studies class. 我有个好主意? 让它成为现实!
  • Bachelor’s in Culinary Science

  • culinary科学-culinary研究与发展课程

    的 Next Big Idea is 你的

    In culinary研究与开发, 你’ll work in teams to create and develop a product to present to the faculty and industry guests. 最近cusci的学生设计了餐包(比如:Blue Apron), bringing them from concept, product development, and consumer testing to packaging, 市场营销, 和分布.

    Power Up 你r Cooking

    Fun with hydrocolloids (xanthan gum, gellan gum, and other food substances that form gels) and more! That’s what awaits 你 in the Ingredient Functionality class. Through cool experiments—like making a popping mango gel with sodium alginate and calcium lactate in a fruit purée—你’ll begin to understand the power of 你r ingredients.
    Culinary Science - 现代和工业culinary工具、技术和配料 课程

    Equipped for Success

    准备好迎接(食品开发)挑战? 的 现代和工业culinary工具、技术和配料 课程 has lots of them! 当你带食物的时候,要学会跳出思维定势&D knowledge and cooking skills together in hands-on projects like taking a classic Escoffier recipe and modernizing it for mass production.
  • 食品商业领导学士学位-在线


  • 食品企业领导力-食品企业领导力课程


    发展你的领导技能,帮助你的职业发展 食品行业 Leadership 课程. 学习 to lead from 你r strengths by assessing 你r personal style. 你’ll study major theories and models of leadership, then put them into practice by applying 你r own methods in a case study format.


    如何使利润最大化并确保客人满意? 了解详情 Advanced Food Service Operations, where 你’ll examine how to consistently achieve these through a deep understanding of menu development, 人员配备, production flow and timing, 采购, 控制成本以实现盈利.


    In the capstone 课程 食品企业领导项目, 你’ll conduct extensive research and analysis of an existing business—from company culture and internal systems to business strategies and competitors—then develop recommendations and a plan to address problems or opportunities within that organization.
  • 食品商业管理学士学位

  • 食品企业管理-酿造的艺术与科学

    Crafting 你r Future

    这是你了解配料的机会, 设备, 以及在我们自己的校内酿酒厂酿造精酿啤酒的技术. 的 beers 你’ll make in Art and Science of Brewing 会在美高梅mgm的公共餐厅供应吗. Two of our student-made brews even earned gold medals in the 纽约 State Craft Beer Competition, 我们的啤酒厂被评为2019年度最佳啤酒厂!


    Put everything 你’ve learned at the CIA into designing and executing a themed dining event that benefits scholarships and community organizations. 你和你的 Foodservice Management 同学们将分成营销组, 金融, culinary, baking and pastry, 和服务团队提供一个惊人的客户体验.

    Sell 你r Restaurant Concept

    市场调研,细分,消费者行为...the principles 你’ll learn in Marketing Principals 一起来创造一个餐厅的概念. From menu 和定价 to interior design and 市场营销 (and a simulated budget of $10K), 你将向你的班级推销你的愿景,并选择一个赢家.
  • 酒店管理学士学位

  • 酒店管理-当代食品和饮料主题


    什么只是一时的流行,什么是有持久力的趋势? 在一起 当代餐饮话题, 我们将研究可持续性等问题, 食品采购, molecular gastronomy, 食物过敏, 营养, and culinary science. And we’ll talk about each one’s importance to the many different segments of the hospitality industry.
    Hospitality Management - Justice, Ethical Leadership, and Truth 课程


    Equality, liberty, integrity...what do these concepts have to do with leadership in the hospitality world? 一切. In 正义,道德领导和真理, 你’ll discover how principles as varied as empathy and justice will inform and shape 你r ability to be an ethical decision-maker and effective people manager.
    Hospitality Management - Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry

    Tech-Savvy Hospitality

    Technology is just as vital to the hospitality business as it is to 你r everyday life. In 酒店业管理技术, 你’ll learn how to choose, implement, and manage tech solutions for a variety of settings. And 你’ll hear about up-and-coming technologies and evaluate their potential for hospitality.
  • 加速culinary艺术证书课程

  • 加速culinary艺术证书课程 - 当代culinary艺术主题 课程

    可以 玩食物!

    想到的 当代culinary艺术主题 as 你r culinary sandbox. 通过实验性的厨房方法, 你’ll explore taste and flavor; plant- and protein-based diets; food and wine pairing; healthy cooking techniques; and the flavors of the global kitchen.
    加速culinary艺术证书课程 - Cuisines and Cultures of the Mediterranean 课程

    Olives, Wheat, Garlic, and Wine

    加州菜因受到地中海的影响而闻名, so it makes perfect sense to dive deep into the ingredients and cooking methods of Spain, 法国, 意大利, 摩洛哥, 突尼斯, 希腊, 和埃及. In 地中海的美食和文化, 你’ll discover how each country’s food is shaped by geography, history, and culture.
    加速culinary艺术证书课程 - Introduction to à la Carte Cooking 课程


    “Order, fire, pickup!” In 点菜式culinary简介 你’ll experience the energy of the production kitchen as 你 prepare multi-课程 menus for fellow students. And 你’ll do it all using the techniques 你 learned in Culinary Fundamentals and by practicing batch cooking and à la carte-style service.