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    Have you dreamed of becoming a renowned chef or running your own restaurant or bakery? How about exploring a career as an event planner, food policy advocate, or even a food technologist? You’ve come to the right place! The world of food and hospitality has never been more exciting, and with our food focused degree programs, CIA is where you’ll explore it all. 在这里你会 master techniques, explore global cuisines, develop creative menus, and learn to lead in the kitchen or anywhere else you want to go in food. If a future in food is your passion—you’ve just found your dream school!

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    Interested in joining our Fall 2024 class? Apply Early Action for an early, non-binding admission decision. You’ll get an expedited admission decision and automatically be reviewed for scholarships.

    向我们的 纽约 campus by November 15 and qualify for our special $1,000 Early Application Grant.



    Connecting with us is the best way to learn more about exciting careers in food and hospitality, get invited to campus events, and find out about scholarships. 我们开始吧!



    There’s no better way to experience college life with a culinary twist at CIA than to visit our 纽约 campus. 爱上CIA, join us for an 开放的房子. 了解更多.

    爱上CIA. Join us for an 开放的房子

    You’re going to love it at CIA. 在这里你会 find all the ingredients you need to create a college experience that’s uniquely yours—guided by your passions, 你的兴趣, 还有你的想象力. 让我们来探讨!

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    You’ve found your dream school! Find out why CIA is the perfect college for you.


    There are SO many career possibilities in food and hospitality. See where a CIA degree can take you!
    I’m a High School Sophomore or Younger

    我是大二学生 or Younger

    You love, love, love food. 我们也是! 学习 how you can make food your career and your life.
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    Are you curious about what it’s 真的 like to be a CIA student? 我们会帮你的. Our students are ready to answer the questions you haven’t asked anyone else, share their own personal experiences, and give you expert and genuine advice—because they’ve gone through it, 太. Find out what it means to be part of the CIA family. Connect with someone now or 在这里看到更多学生!

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  • 你知道吗??

    一年三次, 每年, more than 100+ of the very best food, 饮料, and hospitality companies attend the food world’s best Career Fair at CIA—looking to hire.