Travel Abroad Experiences

  • 探索你的世界

    加入中情局主办的, 9天的旅行 and get special access to the cuisines and cultures of these exciting locations. These amazing travel experiences will transform your world view and expand your flavor palate forever. 美高梅mgm的学生 the best possible travel experience and are exposed to the latest international techniques and flavors, so itineraries and destinations are always changing.

  • 出国留学

    Here’s a few sample destinations that students had the opportunity to explore recently.

  • 出国留学 in 哥斯达黎加


    Explore the mountains and plains of 哥斯达黎加—named 2019 UN Champion of the Earth—and learn first-hand how some of the world’s best cacao and coffee beans, 香草, and sugar cane are grown.
    出国留学 in 法国


    Extend your knowledge of French food and culture with opportunities to learn from great chefs, 参观当地市场, and taste the terroir at famous 酒庄 throughout the Champagne, 诺曼底, 和阿尔萨斯地区.
    出国留学 in 意大利


    Authentic in every way, this tour of 意大利’s cuisine and culture takes you behind closed doors to sites of local food producers, 酒庄, 米尔斯, 还有面食机, as well as visits to several amazing historic landmarks.
  • 与学生交谈

    Are you curious about what it’s 真的 like to be a CIA student? We’ve got you covered. Our students are ready to answer the questions you haven’t asked anyone else, share their own personal experiences, and give you expert and genuine advice—because they’ve gone through it, 太. Find out what it means to be part of the CIA family. Connect with someone now or see more students here!